Read our news from the fair in San Jose, California, dedicated to sensors and sensor-integrated systems.

SensorTile Kit: Power in a Small Package

SensorTile introduced its STEVAL-STLKT01V1 development kit at June’s Sensors Expo in San Jose, California. Designed to augment SensorTIle capabilities, its cradle boards offer hardware scalability, simplified prototyping, evaluation and innovative solutions. The kit includes software, firmware libraries, a dedicated app and other tools.The square, compact SensorTile IoT module is suitable for motion, audio and environmental sensing applications, as well as providing low-energy Bluetooth connection. Electronic components occupy the upper surface, while the connector on the underside plugs into a motherboard. A solderable interface is an option. Firmware is conceived to facilitate extension and customization in the development of new applications, and is freely available on www.st.com.

IDT: No-Touch Sensing

IDT used this year’s Sensors Expo in San Jose, California to showcase its family of contactless inductive position sensors. Company reps provided demonstrations of the high-performance devices. The magnet-free design reduces cost and offers built-in immunity to stray magnetic fields. The PCB-based coils and metallic targets provide single-chip design flexibility for applications, including end-of-shaft, side-shaft, linear motion and arc motion sensing up to 360°. ISO 11452-8 and AEC-Q100 compliance make these sensors suitable for use in many different automotive, industrial and consumer domains. Other advantages include broad operating temperature range and toleance to mechanical misalignment. These sensors also offer ultra-thin design options.

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