DMG MORI: Make and Mill with One Machine

The 2017 i-Novo Tech Award went to DMG MORI’s Lasertech 65 3D hybrid additive manufacturing and milling machine. The 2-in-1 unit saves space and facilitates the production of quality workpieces. It features an automatic laser head shuttle and 5-axis powder deposition via a coaxial nozzle. The deposition zone can handle pieces up to 500 mm across, 400 mm high and weighing 600 kg. Additive and subtractive CAD/CAM programming is designed to meet a wide variety of customer needs, and dedicated software makes operation intuitive. According to the company, continuous monitoring of the buildup process and automatic laser power adjustment ensure homogeneity. The Lasertech 65’s ability to alternate the deposition of different materials opens the door to improved product performance. MORI offers a single software package controlling everything from design to finishing, reducing time to market. Applications include distribution tubes, drill bits, turbine housings and cooled injection units.

i-NOVO Awards rewards products that improve industry standards through INNOVATION. It is organized once a year and is broken down into three main categories: i-NOVO Design, i-NOVO Tech and i-NOVO Eco.

More info at http://www.i-novo-awards.com/directindustry/


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