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The 9th issue of DirectIndustry’s e-magazine, an SPS IPC Drives Special, focuses on innovations in automation. Our journalists roamed the aisles of the German fair in Nuremberg in search of coming developments in the industry — from magnetic levitation to mass customization. Our reports also show how big data is ruling the connected factories of tomorrow.


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Levitation in the factory is no longer viewed as science fiction.


Watch our exclusive report. Will magnetic levitation bring about a revolution in the factory of tomorrow? At SPS, automation manufacturer Festo presented its supraconductivity technology for production lines. Their SupraCarrier could be commercially launched in 5 years for handling and conveying applications. Yet,...

The process that combines mass production and personalization is now effective in the factory.

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Watch our exclusive report. Is the era of mass customisation upon us?

Long seen as a promising concept, the process that combines mass production and personalization, is now effective in the factory. At SPS in Nüremberg, Siemens showcased a production line that turns out customized products at the same time.

As customized mass production also affects the way machines are built, B&R presented a software that allows users to add functionalities according to their requirements.


Big data-driven analytics is indispensable for optimizing tomorrow's manufacturing enterprises.

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are reshaping the factory floor in what industry leaders hail as smart manufacturing. This new framework fills the gaps in factories and supply chains that were previously considered “integrated,” using a greater number of always-on sensors. Embedded in...

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Modular production sites, like smart factories, are on the verge of commercial viability. These intelligent factories consist of independent stations that...


The nonprofit organization PLCopen answers the question of how to bridge the gap between virtual and physical worlds with its PLCopen XML interface—a...


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    Controlling a plant or a piece of equipment with your phone has never been so easy. Software developer spscontrol designed a human-machine interface (HMI) for smartphones and tablets that enables employees to safely operate industrial plants and equipment from a remote location.

    Specifically designed for convenient and ergonomic industrial control, the spscontrol app can be purchased from the company’s HMI web store and is ready-to-use on multiple mobile devices just like any ordinary app.

    The interface is primarily for employees in industrial facilities which operate equipments such as conveyors, pumps, pollution control devices and air conditioning systems.  For example, the app can rapidly display energy measurements and information from data loggers and network monitors. Manufacturers  can also include the app in their equipment.

    A standard Modbus/TCP interface enables communication between the app and the plant and equipments. A VPN ensures the connection is safe while an encrypted file system embedded in the app offers a high level of security.


    STAHL announced at SPS 2015 it will equip its Eagle and Manta series of rugged Panel PCs with third-generation Bay Trail processors, replacing the Intel Atom...

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    Pioneer in the simplification of programming, Crouzet Automation (now a brand of InnoVista Sensors) presented its em4 at SPS. The device is the first...

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    Efficient engineering and clear layout are the main advantages of the S-DIAS, the new graphical hardware editor for I/O module control within centralized and...


    Digitization of traditional industries means increasing reliance on alternative input modalities such as voice and gesture control. At SPS, SemVox presented its ODP S3 intelligent speech dialog software that can be used for production, manufacturing and service tasks, among others.

    ODP (Ontology-based Dialog Platform) offers semantic intelligence that combines speech recognition and context interpretation, as well as considering factors such as user’s personal preferences. This interactive system not only follows the user’s commands but also supports the operator proactively, making for example suggestions on manufacturing or maintenance processes, thereby offering a high level of automation.

    The platform enables hands-free operation of machinery and the performance of several tasks at the same time, enhancing production efficiency.

    ODP S3 also comes with a microphone system and a filter function that minimize background noise and boost signal quality even in very loud industrial environments.


    Camille Rustici

    Camille Rustici is a Video Journalist and the Editor-in-Chief for DirectIndustry e-magazine. She has years of experience in business issues for various media including France 24, Associated Press, Radio France…

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    Kristina Müller

    Kristina Müller is a German journalist working on a freelance basis for different print and online media, mainly about industrial, nautical and medical issues.

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