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Is China the expected hyperpower? With its Made in China 2025, the government definitely has this ambition. The ambition to become the factory of the future, and no longer the world’s workshop. The ambition, in aeronautics, to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The ambition of the Made by China plan, namely to conceive and make its own products. But according to the experts, the Middle Kingdom is not yet conqueror. The recent ZTE vs. US administration case revealed the strategic and vital dependency of the Chinese electronic sector on semiconductors.

Yet, we need to work with China and if it is a threat, it is also an opportunity. In this edition, companies like l’Oréal and thyssenkrupp tell us why they chose to open factories in China.

And what about Taiwan? The Republic of China also has its own ambitions, for example in the machine-tool sector. Is there a new Taiwanese touch?

Dive into our special summer feature: China, the Hyperpower?


Made in China 2025 has become the buzzword of Chinese industry.

The Chinese government’s “Made in China 2025” (MiC 2025) strategy, unveiled in mid-2015, has become the buzzword of Chinese industry. Targeting greener, smarter, higher value manufacturing by integrating production with the internet, this comprehensive economic blueprint will work alongside China’s so-called...


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    With its “Made in China 2025” plan, China is setting itself the goal of becoming the world’s leading economic power. But the fact remains that it has a vulnerable economy, especially in the semiconductor sector. Jean-François Dufour, China Expert at Montsalvy Consulting, gave us an overview of the strengths and...

Last April, thyssenkrupp Elevator inaugurated its first international test tower in China. The Zhongshan tower will be used to certify innovations in elevator technology. DirectIndustry e-magazine interviewed Jürgen Böhler, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator Asia Pacific to find out more about the group’s strategy in...

China is the largest market for industrial automation and artificial intelligence.


China has been the biggest market for domestic robots and AI since 2013. And it is growing faster than any other robot market in the world. China is the largest market for industrial automation and artificial intelligence. Four of the five most powerful domestic robot manufacturers in the world are from Beijing. And...

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  • Every day, 100 million packages are being delivered all over China. Alibaba Group has developed a driverless delivery vehicle and is planning on deploying 100,000 robots on Chinese roads. Alibaba Group’s Cainiao Network have developed an autonomous robot that can handle last-mile delivery, which is the most expensive...

    Turing Robot


    China is in the middle of an unprecedented automation surge, buying and building robots more rapidly than any other country. The sales-savvy country has even installed close to 90,000 new industrial robots in 2016, of which a third are produced domestically,  with an annual sales growth of up to 20% expected to...

    INDUSTRY 4.0
    Chinese ambitions in the unmanned surface vehicle market are taking determined steps.

    Chinese ambitions in the unmanned surface vehicle (USV) market are moving to a new era.  Last February, a USV formation was staged on the sea in Zhuhai in southern China, not far from Hong Kong, one of the world’s busiest ports. 80 autonomous vessels, 1.6-meter long each, gathered and formed an arrow for a special...

    Yichang is located in Hubei Province, 1000 km west of Shanghai. There, close to the Three Gorges Dam, L’Oréal has built the largest cosmetics production center in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the company’s first site in Asia to reach carbon footprint neutrality. Officially opened in 2005, this 70,000 square meter...

    Panda Green Energy has just built a 50 megawatt solar plant in the shape of a panda in the Shanxi province.

    In China, Panda Green Energy has just built a 50 megawatt solar plant in the shape of a panda in the Shanxi province. Publicity stunt? Think again. This center is not just aesthetic but a real environmental investment as it will enable the saving of 1.06 million tons of coal and will decrease CO2 emissions by 2.74...

    China General Nuclear

    The first EPR reactor on the planet was finished in China in June. This third generation reactor is located about 50 km south of Hong Kong in Taishan and is...


    Is the Taiwanese Touch a new trend in the industry? Taiwan is the world’s 6th manufacturer and the 5th exporter of machine tools. Seventy-five percent of...

    In 2015, China unveiled a plan to become a “world manufacturing power” within a decade, with a shift toward value-added, high-tech industries. The “Made in...


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    Daniel Allen is a writer and a photographer. His work has featured in numerous publications, including CNN, BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveller, Discovery Channel.

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