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June 25, 2018

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Smart Robotics

On the Way to Smart Robotics

INTERVIEW. "We Need to Make Robots Ethical"

The Rise of Social Robots

On the Way to Smart Robotics

Should we fear smart robots?


Until recently, robots have been repetitive machines working with consistent precision yet with extremely limited intelligence. Robotics is now moving from the strictly ordered, predictable space of industrial production into the far more chaotic private environment. To make this move they must become smarter, and this is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come in.


Yet, some specialists are raising concerns about these smarter robots and have started advocating for ethical and responsible robotics. One of the people we interviewed is even calling for a conference of parties on robotics and artificial intelligence, like the COP 21, the Paris Climate Conference.


Check out our interviews and in-depth articles to better understand this ongoing robotic revolution.




Fullpage Staubli
We should hold a COP on artificial intelligence.

Until recently, robots have been repetitive machines working with consistent precision and repeatability yet with extremely limited intelligence. Some of the smartest robots we have today only recently learned how to open a door. But the future will demand other capabilities – particularly in the professional and...


Banner Burster

Laurence Devillers is a researcher in engineering sciences for the CNRS, a member of the CERNA (Committee for the Study of Research Ethics in Digital Sciences and Technologies) and a specialist in man-machine interactions. She wrote Robots and Humans (Des Robots et des Hommes, Ed. Plon 2017), a book in which she...


Banner Smalley
Courtesy: SoftBank Robotics

The biggest challenge for social robots finding their place in the world isn’t conquering technological challenges, but rather mastering the intricacies of interpersonal skills.   Unlike a robot in a factory or laboratory, social robots are designed to interact with the general public. They’re beginning to appear in...


Fullpage KUKA
Today’s fast-evolving technologies are forcing everyone to look for allies.


Orbs of light and dancers opened PTC’s LiveWorx 2018, the digital transformation conference that took place last week in Boston. We were invited to attend PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann’s keynote address where he announced three new partnerships with Rockwell, Microsoft and Ansys. Partnerships are not a new strategy for PTC,...

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  • Courtesy of KUKA

    The KUKA family welcomes a new member at automatica. The LBR iisy is a sensitive lightweight collaborative robot that was unveiled earlier this year at Hannover Messe and will be market-launched in 2019. We interviewed Christian Tarragona, Senior VP of R&D at KUKA.   DirectIndustry e-magazine: Could you introduce us to...

    At this year’s automatica, COMAU presented three major industrial innovations, some the result of new partnerships. From new AI and a multi-material 3D printer, to AI-programed robots and a new exoskeleton, Maurizio Cremonini, head of Marketing at COMAU, tells us all about this year’s innovations with the code name...


    Banner Enidine
    Ethereum is more than just a currency.

    Bitcoin has been attracting headlines across the world as observers obsess over its price and banks consider their role in the market. As such, attention is now moving to other options in the world of cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is chief among the Bitcoin rivals, but it is much more than just a currency, experts say....

    Courtesy: Extreme Network

    AI, machine learning and a new software-oriented paradigm are changing the world of networks. We spoke to Stéphane Grosjean, Principal SE at the networking solution provider Extreme Networks to learn more about this upcoming network revolution.   DirectIndustry e-magazine: Manufacturers of network solutions today seem...


    Banner MT ROBOT
    The big market for 3D-printed ceramics is in the New Space sector.

    3D Ceram-Sinto, a Japanese-owned French company, is specializing in the 3D printing of ceramic objects. We were invited into their office in Limoges, in central-west France where they told us about their latest projects for space.   When we met 3D Ceram at Euromold in 2015, we discovered that ceramics could be made...


    Google Duplex, new AI presented at the Google I/O conference on May 8th, offers an assistant able to speak in a very credible human voice and make appointments...

    An IT and AI research team from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed what is perhaps the most advanced robotic fish ever...

    His name is TORO. Equipped with 4 robotic arms, this lightweight robot is torque-controlled. It was initially designed by the German Institute of Robotics and...


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