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Mobile World Congress

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Are we ready for 5G? With Mobile World Congress in full swing this week, 5G is on everyone’s lips. But is the industry really prepared for this giant leap that seems to be arriving faster than expected? Find out in our story.


Our team of journalists is perusing the aisles of the Barcelona fair, looking for the latest developments in the mobile industry. Don’t miss our reports on the newest products unveiled.


For this new edition of DirectIndustry e-magazine, we are proud to announce our media partnership with GSMA, the organizer of the Mobile World Congress.


Again, we are giving you the chance to read our feature stories in your own language. Follow the sign and enjoy the experience!


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5G is about more than just speed!

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS. News about initial carrier rollouts of advances in chips and equipment suggests the arrival of 5G is happening faster than expected. Now the industry asks: what can we do with this giant leap in wireless speed?   The telecom industry has faced this crossroads before when the network standards...


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The recent developments in IoT sensors, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence promise to make it easier to predict when equipment will fail.   Predictive maintenance (PdM) consists in collecting data on the condition of machinery so that engineers can foresee possible outages or failures before they even...

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Who is the tech-augmented worker of the factory of the future? An enhanced worker who wears an exoskeleton to reduce the physical burden of certain tasks. A virtual worker who wears AR glasses and a VR headset to work hands-free and simulate tasks. A collaborative worker who safely works hand-in-hand with cage-free...

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LiFi is a technology that basically connects you to the internet through light. It converts light beams into an electric signal that is then converted into...


Travis the Translator could revolutionize translation and become a real-life Babel fish. DirectIndustry e-magazine spoke with the company at Mobile World...

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    How can citizen participation affect the infrastructure of future smart cities? During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, media partner DirectIndustry e-magazine and ArchiExpo e-magazine hosted a webinar to answer the question.


    Invited guest speakers Thomas Ermacora, a regeneration architect and technology futurist, and Molly Webb, founder of  Energy Unlocked, spoke about the importance of citizen participation in generating sustainable architecture for smart cities. They spoke about the latest technologies such as IoT security, the blockchain, sustainable smart cities, community collaborations, energy exchange and more. According to Ermacora:

    The smartest cities are the ones that really embrace the value of the relationship between people that create active, vibrant, meaningful communities.

    Citizen participation sits at the heart of developing smart cities. A prime example of citizen participation mentioned was Canadian company Ethelo, a mission-based business which involves a collective decision-making software system. Its goal is to improve democratic policy-making using Internet technology.

    The Brooklyn project by US start-up LO3 is another example of how citizens can take part in developing their smart city. In this initiative we see how citizens can generate, stock and sell energy on their own.


    In case you missed it, you can find the full video of the webinar here. Just click the button “on-demand webinar”. Skip to 06:00 to avoid our early-discussion technical issues.

    Google researchers have developed a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can in turn create other AI-based systems. Called AutoML, the new system was proven out by being given the task of developing an automated image recognition system. When this system was subjected to benchmark testing it was found to outperform counterparts written by people. The system, known as NASNet, has now been open-sourced for anybody wanting to develop machine vision applications. But the real significance of AutoML is that it could make the whole field of AI development open to almost anybody by both deskilling it and reducing the workload.

    A lifelike android robot is set to start making regular appearances on television in Japan as a news broadcaster. The robot, named Erica, has the features of a 23-year-old woman. It was designed by one of that country’s foremost robotics researchers, Dr Hiroshi Ishiguro of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University. Appropriately, the robot also possesses some other human-like abilities including speech recognition and generation algorithms that enable it to have live verbal interactions with people. Additionally, infrared sensors and facial recognition software allow it to track people around a room.

    Intel partnered with KT to create a 5G experience at this month’s PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The goal was to demonstrate the potential of these lightning-fast networks while learning about what uses were attractive to attendees. DirectIndustry e-magazine was present at Intel’s press event at the Barcelona fair.


    For Aicha Evans, Intel’s chief strategy officer, the Olympic experiments are critical as the chip company reinvents itself:

    We’re very very proud of our heritage and what we’ve done as a PC-centric company. And now we’re moving forward towards becoming a data-centric company.

    Evans explained that at the Winter Games, the company created 5G omni-view technology for the cross-country track allowing attendees to choose multiple angles in real-time and watch them via a tablet app. A similar system was set up for the figure skating ice rink by placing 100 cameras around the arena.

    Intel’s True VR system was installed for some snowboard events to allow viewers to watch live-streamed, 360-degree views using untethered virtual reality headsets. The Intel 5G Go Automotive Platform also allowed some connected car drivers to rapidly download maps, event information and 4K video.

    For KT executive vice president Hong-Beom Jeon,

    We believe our efforts have accelerated the global standardization of 5G. This will bring real innovators and new services to the market.

    Intel also officially announced its Summer Olympics partnership with NTT Docomo. While neither company revealed many details, executives said their overall goal was to turn Tokyo into a massive “smart city.” They suggested the 5G network would allow streaming of 8K video and use of AI training programs for athletes.

    And whereas the recent Olympics were an experiment for KT, NTT Docomo will already be rolling out 5G commercially across Japan by 2020.

    For Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura, executive vice president and CTO of NTT Docomo,

    It’s a very good time for us to demonstrate what kinds of things can happen with 5G.


    An acoustic camera that uses 56 microphones to pinpoint sound sources has won the 2017 DirectIndustry i-Novo Design Award. The Bionic XS-56 from CAE Software...

    A device that looks like a normal table lamp but that can turn an ordinary surface such as a tabletop into a smart, interactive workstation is now in...

    A completely new method of exploiting haptics (or sense of touch) in the form of a human-machine interface has been revealed by French technology research...

    Cavalon, a two-seater gyrocopter from the German company AutoGyro that allows a pilot and passenger to sit side-by-side in an enclosed cockpit as comfortably as if they were in a saloon car, won the 2017 AeroExpo i-Novo Design Award. Other interior features of the Cavalon include adjustable seating to allow for differing occupant sizes and also optimized access to the pedals for the pilot. Meanwhile, gull-wing doors ensure ease of access. The machine uses a four-stroke engine for a cruising speed of 140 km/h  and a range of 610 km with a maximum payload of 560 kg.

    i-NOVO Awards rewards products that improve industry standards through INNOVATION. It is organized once a year and is broken down into three main categories: i-NOVO Design, i-NOVO Tech and i-NOVO Eco.

    More info at

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