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At Embedded World 2016 in Nuremberg, custom touchscreen specialist TouchNetix  presented PressScreen, their new capacitive technology. DirectIndustry e-magazine talked to company co-founder Florian Fleckenstein.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: Everyone knows touchscreens from mobile devices. But what is PressScreen?

Florian Fleckenstein: It is a capacitive technology that adds an extra level of safety. You know how easily a touchscreen reacts when it is touched. PressScreen requires additional pressure on the application icon or button you want to activate. This provides an extra level of certainty of the user’s intent. End users might be familiar with similar technology on the latest iPhone. TouchNetix has now developed its own technology.

Direct Industry e-magazine: Where will it be useful?

Florian Fleckenstein: On every screen that needs to be protected against unintentional touches and in all fields that require robust screens. That includes automotive, medical and marine applications. In the marine environment, it is important that the screen be UV resistant and does not react to every saltwater splash. It’s also true in the medical environment, where it is vital to prevent unintentional activation, for example by fluid contact. We mostly use it in customized products but can also build it into our standard “Luminance” lineup.

DirectIndustry e-magazine: How does Luminance differ from other touchscreens?

Florian Fleckenstein: The Luminance series has a glass surface that receives final treatment using our laser technology. This enables small production runs, a customized sample or prototypes. We control production from the initial model to final series production. Another advantage of our screens is that glass has better optical properties than PET, used in many other touchscreens.

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