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    I-novo Award: Visible Sound

    An acoustic camera that uses 56 microphones to pinpoint sound sources has won the 2017 DirectIndustry i-Novo Design Award. The Bionic XS-56 from CAE Software & Systems deploys the microphones around the edge of a 27 cm-diameter array comprised of seven individual arms to allow it to analyze sounds from just under 33 db to 120 db in volume. The sample rate is 48 kHz for a frequency range of 10-24 kHz. All the necessary data acquisition hardware is fully integrated so no extra equipment is needed, making the whole system very compact and mobile. Typical uses might include environmental measurement, leakage detection and rattle localization.

    i-NOVO Awards rewards products that improve industry standards through INNOVATION. It is organized once a year and is broken down into three main categories: i-NOVO Design, i-NOVO Tech and i-NOVO Eco.

    More info at http://www.i-novo-awards.com/directindustry/

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