Greener Fluids for Sustainable Machining


Henkel unveiled its odorless, bactericide-free cutting fluids, offering the metalworking industry cost savings, as well as cleaner and more efficient machining.

Henkel’s Bonderite L-MR water-miscible cooling lubricants offer high lubrication and rinsing performance in one product. Providing high hard water stability for a long bath life, they avoid the traditional time and cost implications of regular coolant bath replacement.

The finely dispersed Bonderite L-MR emulsion enhances washing performance and corrosion protection, ensuring tools, machines and processed parts remain clean during production. It also extends tool lifetime.

For Martin Desinger, Henkel’s Business Development Manager for Lubricants, Europe, this expresses Henkel’s commitment “to bringing sustainable solutions to the metalworking chain.” The company has also unveiled its duaLCys process, which recycles the cleaner into the cutting fluid. This process allows cost savings of up to 40% due to less product, additive, wastewater and energy consumption.

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