Steering Toward Tomorrow


Courtesy of Jaguar

Last month’s Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in London saw the launch of the company’s Future-Type concept car. Equipped with Sayer, a voice-activated steering wheel boasting artificial intelligence, the vehicle embodies a vision of post-2040 transportation possibilities. The sleek, rectangular device, a wheel in name only, would be removable, and perhaps the only part of the car you’d own. Jaguar imagines a future of on-demand autonomous vehicles shared by a community of users. Sayer—named for former Jaguar designer Malcolm Sayer—could plan your route, determine what time the car should be at your door and even suggest portions of the trip you might wish to drive yourself. At departure time, just stroll out to the car with Sayer under your arm, plug it in and away you go. AUTOCAR cited Jaguar design director Ian Callum as saying that Future-Type was “an advanced research project.” The small, urban subcompact is an exploration of driving and car ownership options a generation down the road.

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