Buses on Stilts?

Is this real or another hoax like the Chinese anti-traffic jam mega bus? Russian engineering and construction company Dahir Insaat is promoting a futuristic urban transport system based on two-wheeled vehicles kept upright by gyroscopes. Designed to replace buses and trams, they consist of large, ovoid freight or passenger compartments riding high above traffic on legs whose length can be adjusted to allow the units to negotiate overpasses. The system would use current roadways, riding along fortified strips between lanes. In standard versions, passengers sit in rows, as in a bus. But the company also envisions deluxe models furnished like a lounge. A prewound flywheel would start the gyroscopes spinning, while solar panels, generators and batteries provide power throughout the day. The firm touts the concept’s economic, environmental and safety advantages. It also claims emergency vehicles built along the same lines would enhance firefighting and rescue services in crowded city centers by simply moving between and over gridlocked traffic.

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