DIY with the IoRT

Courtesy of MODI

Technology developer Luxrobo hopes everyone will soon create their own robots and IoT gadgets thanks to MODI. Described as “the world’s first DIY IoRT platform,” the modular kit allows users to built their own devices without soldering or in-depth knowledge of electronics.

MODI offers a series of magnetic modules—input, output and setup—which simply stick together. Some can be attached to Lego boards and pieces. The MODI app connects a smartphone to the network module via Bluetooth, allowing users to control devices wirelessly. In addition, MODI Studio software offers simple programming, ideal for teaching children how to code.

MODI is being launched with 13 modules, including LED, speaker, display, motor, gyroscope, infrared and network. Camera, pressure sensor, gas sensor and other pieces are promised soon.

About the Author

Abigail Saltmarsh is a freelance journalist with 25 years’ experience for industry publications (Packaging Europe) and national magazines (The New York Times, International Herald Tribune).

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