CES 2016: The 0-Carbon Footprint Battery

Portable and rechargeable anywhere, the eco USBCELL is a battery with a plus: its eco-friendly concept. While more than 15 billion alkaline batteries are thrown away every year, the USBCELL can be re-used and re-charged hundreds of times simply by plugging it into a standard USB port. This eliminates the need for frequent replacement. Just a few minutes charging provides many hours of use.

This battery features the same lithium polymer (LiPo) chemistry used in smartphones. LiPo offers a longer period of use between charges and a greater number of total charges than NiMH batteries. It also provides continuous full-power performance. A device using USBCELLs will behave the same way until full discharge, whereas with alkaline batteries, performance tapers off gradually. However, this is not necessarily desirable in certain devices, such as smoke detectors. The price for a pack of two cells is about €14.

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