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    Is a cyber war actually taking place? In any case, hot or cold, the next conflict will be cyber. French journalist Pierre Haski recently argued on medium.com that the recent US election campaign was a real battlefield. The theft of Democratic Party data last summer and the Dyn server denial-of-service attack in October are among the latest events causing concern. And digital industry is not immune. With the Internet of Things and a multitude of objects connected to the cloud, cybersecurity is more than ever at stake.

    At SPS IPC Drive, a whole area was devoted to this theme. DirectIndustry e-magazine met Airbus Defense and Kaspersky to discuss the threats and learn how to reinforce cybersecurity.

    About the Author

    Camille Rustici is the Online Managing Editor for DirectIndustry e-magazine, with years of experience in business issues for France 24, Associated Press…

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