Industrie Lyon 2015: Machining 4.0

Industry 4.0 is about producing intelligently to optimize energy consumption, costs and time. And a lot of this is enabled through digital applications.

In the second part of this report, we talked with DP Technology and Machining Cloud about how machining also benefits from the new digital advances.


Software is increasingly assisting machining to create the most efficient cutting cycles. “CAM has been developed for years now. The only way to differentiate from other CAM developers is to propose intelligent toolpath strategies,” stated Luc Manzetti, Application Engineer at DP Technology-Esprit.

DP Technology-Esprit developed ProfitMilling, cutting-edge software for roughing cycles that makes machining smarter. Its circular toolpath, known as trochoidal slotting strategy, allows full-depth cutting along the entire height of the tool, leaving very little additional material to be removed. This optimizes cutting times and reduces tool wear.

At Industrie Lyon, DP Technology-Esprit showcased its latest machining programming software, Bottom up. Combined with Profit Milling, this new roughing solution cuts from the bottom up, allowing for maximum vertical plunge and incremental cutting. This solution removes almost all extraneous material, leaving the product ready for finishing.


Physical and virtual worlds join together as machining enters the Cloud. Machining Cloud developed a digital platform that integrates 3D models of the latest tools.

Michael Taesch, Project Manager at Machining Cloud, started from an observation: on one side there’s the physical world of machine tool manufacturers, and on the other, the virtual world, where CAM developers use digital models to cut a piece virtually. Machining Cloud connects these two worlds.

This digital platform gathers and stores in a secure virtual space all the data related to cutting tools and other machine equipment provided by manufacturers. This information is automatically accessible to software developers and CNC programmers through the Cloud.

Industry 4.0, smart factories… this is the future of machining.”

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