All-in-One Multi-Touch HMI Panel PC

The CP32xx series from Beckhoff Automation is an IP65 (Ingress Protection against dust and liquids) all-in-one, arm-mounted high-performance panel PC with efficient cooling.

One of its unique features is the way the computer is built around the integrated mounting arm adapter in a U-shaped housing. It occupies little space while allowing for passive cooling. The operating temperature range is 0-45° C.

The device’s compactness facilitates swiveling and tilting the screen. All components are easily accessible and various storage media may be used.

According to Beckhoff the aluminum CP32xx is exceptionally robust and ideally suited for industrial applications. A circumferential metal impact protector offers great resistance to the touchscreen. The all-glass surface is chemically hardened and the panels can be operated with thin latex gloves. It offers five-finger touch and 2-hand operation.

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