A+A. More Than Meets the Eye

Courtesy of Univet

Seeing is believing. But seeing more than what’s in front of you can improve job performance for factory, warehouse, rescue and medical personnel. Univet, an Italian safety equipment maker, pulled down a 2017 Red Dot Award for its augmented reality 5.0 safety goggles and showcased them at the German fair A+A this week. Sony’s holographic waveguide technology puts useful data on an adjustable, transparent screen mounted just in front of the wearer’s right eye. A WiFi or Bluetooth connection retrieves information from computers and smartphones. The system also can handle two-way communications via voice or an optional camera. The varied applications include checking patient vital signs, assembly instructions, machine status, a packing list or emergency alerts. The display unit and battery are easily removed for use with a different pair of goggles, and the battery can be hot-swapped. The goggles are EN166- and ANSI-compliant, and can be worn over regular eyewear.

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