UniQ Fiber Laser Marker Marks The End of Adhesive Labels

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Visitors of the Datalogic booth at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg could see the market’s most compact high performance fiber laser marker in action, which promises to render adhesive labels passé.

Marking the Automotive Industry

One touch of his smartphone, and product manager Lorenzo Bassi gets the UniQ going: The camera catches the exact position of the badge, transfers the data to the laser and seconds later the visitor receives their brand new name tag. “Do you see the difference?” asks Bassi, and points to another laser marker at the booth. It is obvious; the UniQ is much smaller and more compact, measuring only 49.7 x 18.3 x 15 centimeters. “The UniQ is the first all-in-one fiber laser marker in the market,” explains the product manager. “Neither an external controller nor external power supply is necessary. Everything is included in the compact housing. This makes it ideal for the use in different industries.”

The main field of application of the UniQ is the automotive industry, where almost any component requires laser marking. The laser’s ability to create highly accurate bar codes, QR codes or product numbers without harming the product also makes it highly suitable for use on medical devices. It is perfect for the electronic industry “or any other application where high precision and direct part marking is demanded,” explains Bassi.  

An Automation Award Nominee

No matter which industry applies the UniQ, the compact fiber laser marker can easily be implemented into an existing assembly line. It is suited to rough surroundings due to the robust components with IP54 class protection. Datalogic has applied for a patent for this built-in cooling solution, and it’s no wonder that this innovation receives attention in the automation industry: It was nominated for the Automation Award 2015 in the category of standard components and sensor technology.

However, the innovators from Datalogic also brought other attention-catching industry novelties to southern Germany. Among them was the new version of their industrial scanner series, the PowerScan 9500 DPM-Evo. Its black and yellow exterior indicates at first glance that it is designed for use in robust and outdoor conditions, and it can even withstand a fall from a height of almost 2 meters. “We also improved the power of the wireless connection,” explains product manager Stefano Vassura. This implies that up to 32 people, who might be, for example, scanning products in a warehouse, can all be connected to the same base station.

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