The Double-barreled Surveillance Team

Otsaw Digital

Singapore-based Otsaw Digital recently introduced its O-R3 automated ground-aerial surveillance system, a world first. It combines an autonomous robotic security vehicle and a companion drone. Thanks to machine learning, the surface vehicle can avoid obstacles, spot abandoned bags and other suspect objects, and use facial and license plate recognition to distinguish authorized from unauthorized presence. The drone is housed within the vehicle and launched from a slide-out rear platform. It can track intruders up to 100 meters from the vehicle. The system can operate 24/7 and the vehicle returns to a charging station automatically when the battery is low. Alerts are sent to a security center for human evaluation. Otsaw notes that its system is designed to replace routine, low-level security tasks, freeing trained personnel for more complex operations, including taking control of the vehicle whenever necessary. A smaller indoor system is in the works.

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